4554078617600000 Sugar House 糖屋烘焙材料專門店 日本皇后牌高筋麵粉2kg Japan Queen Breard Flour Japan Queen Bread Flour 2kg 日本皇后牌高筋麵粉 2千克 適合製作:超軟彈牙、有口感麵包 產地:日本 Product by: Japan Suitable for the production: Super soft shells teeth have a sense of impor Product #: sugarhouse-日本皇后牌高筋麵粉2kg Japan Queen Breard Flour 2021-10-27 Regular price: $HKD$52.8 Available from: Sugar House 糖屋烘焙材料專門店In stock
sugarhouseSugar House 糖屋烘焙材料專門店